Course Number Title Category Credit-Lecture-Lab Prerequisite Semester
AUE826 Vehicle Structure Optimum Design Elective 3-3-0 Optimization Techniques
Finite Element Method
Lecturer Department Name Phone
Automotive Engineering Seungjae
Description Structural optimization for light-weight structure of vehicle is studied. Optimization concepts, simple first-order models of a vehicle structure’s physical behaviors, design sensitivity analysis and its physical meaning,  structural optimization methods are covered in the lecture. All student must propose their creative ideas for definition of optimization problem for light-weight structure and solve the optimization problem to learn applicability of optimization technologies to practical vehicle design.
Objectives This course aims at solid understanding of the principles of automotive body structural design and optimization.
Textbook Course Note + Research Papers
References Fundamentals of Automotive Body Structure Design by D.E. Malen, SAE International, 2011
Haftka, R. T. and Gurdal, Z., Elements of Structural Optimization (3rd Ed.), Kluwer, 1992
Bendsoe, M. P. and Sigmund, O., Topology Optimization, Springer, 2003
Evaluation Midterm Exam Final Exam Presence Homework Participation Project Total
25 25 0 10 0 40 100
Week Courese Contents
1 Overview and Introduction
2 Structural Optimization
3 Vehicle Structure: sturctural requirements and elements
4 Vehicle Structure: design for bending
5 Vehicle Structure: design for torsion
6 Vehicle Structure: design for crashworthiness
7 Vehicle Structure: design for vibration
8 Midterm Exam
9 Sensitivity Analysis
10 Size + Shape Optimization
11 Topology Optimization: concept and theory
12 Topology Optimization: algorithms
13 Topology Optimization: applications
14 First Order Analysis for Automotive Body Structure Design
15 Final Presentation
16 Final Exam